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Training on public advocacy, partnership building and digital tools in social entrepreneurship

06 apr 2022
5911 puta

The Association for Democratic Prosperity - Zid, from March 27 to April 2, 2022, organized training on public advocacy, partnership building and digital tools in social entrepreneurship, in Podgorica.

The training was dedicated to the development of advocacy strategies and partnership building . It was intended for young SE facilitators, practitioners of youth workers who will help further disseminate project results and promote best practices in local communities.

What did the participants gain at this training?
• Increased theoretical and practical knowledge about the social economy in the Western Balkans and the EU;
• Increased employability, self-employment and entrepreneurship through innovative SE curricula and training programs;
• Improved skills and knowledge on youth advocacy and lobbying, digital media and digital advocacy tools to influence SE policies;
• Increased knowledge and skills in non-formal education, facilitation, curriculum development and online tools for youth engagement in the field of SE;
• Increased knowledge of strategic organizational and program development, research and policy analysis skills in SE;
• Improved intercultural and soft skills and expanded professional networks.

The WB SEA project is financed by the European Union, through the Erasmus + program.